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Our Story

All in divine time—our story told

The wild tales of a wanderer seeking out the wind

Listening to its voice, leaves of brown crisp rustle

Deciphering the sounds to suit a journey desired.

This, although pleasant, is a path unasked

Remain as is. Heart beating with faith, eyes bright

This is a true story

One that never ends, never begins, but always remains . . .


. . . and the path unfolds—glorious

Clearly given

(As We Are Creation #55)
Dana Barrette

The wildflowers bloom beneath tall grass, hidden from view
Their scent travels, a sweet aroma, flowing as the wind
Within their beauty, an energy, a dreamer's delight.
In a world, living in faith, blooming alone
No questions or thoughts of how and when
The wildflower, born, as we are

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